Our Wish List

CCC Ming Yin College

50th Anniversary Fund Raising Campaign

Our Wish List (Up to May 2016)


Founded in Shek Kip Mei in 1966, CCC Ming Yin College, with a history of 50 years, has been striving to create an environment for first-rate education to nurture our students to be aspiring leaders who “Learn to perceive the Words of God, Glorify Him and do good to others”. Our school has also been guiding the teaching staff and students in the pursuit of excellence and broadening their horizons to achieve whole-person education. Over the past 5 decades, with a sense of unity and oneness to MY College (Ming Yin College), MYCers have passed our Ming Yin spirit from generation to generation, contributing their best to society in various roles. Their remarkable achievements have made MY College a renowned school in Hong Kong.

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary in God’s grace, our school would like to appeal for your kind support to pave the way for its growth and development. Our fundraising plan is as follows:

Purpose Target
The School History Museum HK$500,000
The Reading Hub HK$1,200,000
The e-Learning Centre HK$2,000,000
All-round Development Fund HK$600,000
Let Me See the World HK$700,000


Fundraising Campaign Details

With the collaborative effort of our teachers and students for half a century, Ming Yin has nurtured a galaxy of talents and established its reputation as a top-notch school in Hong Kong. However, our school history and contributions of our past teachers and students have not been set in place. The school is planning to set up a School History Museum to showcase traces of our school in the old days for our teachers and alumni to reminisce the past, cherish the present, look forward to the future and carry on our school mission as stated in our school motto.

Budget: HK$500,000

建設校史館 (預期目標:港幣$500,000)


Reading is the key to enhance knowledge and cultivate a person. The school has long been fostering a reading culture at school through various activities, such as book exhibitions and academic weeks, to create an atmosphere more conducive to reading. To upgrade our school library for education in a new era, we are planning to renovate it and acquire more suitable resources to build a more comfortable and desirable reading environment, as well as to provide a better place and facilities for our students’ self-directed learning.

Budget: HK$1,200,000

改善圖書館設施 (預期目標:港幣$1,200,000)


Throughout the years, our school has introduced information technology resources to create a better learning environment. To further enhance learning and teaching effectiveness, we are now planning to set up an e-Learning Centre with 50 sets of mobile learning devices (hardware and software) to improve efficiency in e-Learning, as well as to aid students’ self-directed learning, collaborative learning and project-based learning.

Budget: HK$2,000,000

增設電子學習中心 (預期目標:港幣$2,000,000)


We value our students’ whole-person development and it has been our mission to cultivate all-round students with a balance in moral, intellectual, physical fitness, social, aesthetic and spiritual development. To encourage our students to participate in different activities to exert their potential in various aspects, such as leadership, music, sports, arts and language, the school is planning to set up an All-round Development Fund to identify and nurture more talents at Ming Yin by God’s grace.

Fund target: HK$600,000

設立全方位發展基金 (預期目標:港幣$600,000)


Over the years, our school has organised a multitude of excursions and study tours to broaden our students’ horizons, yet many of our students from grassroots families are unable to join these outbound learning activities due to economic concerns. Your kind donation would certainly enable our school to organise manifold exchange programmes for more of our students to have overseas learning experiences.

Donation target: HK$700,000

津貼學生海外交流 (預期目標:港幣$700,000)



Since most of the government subvention is used for designated purposes, the school cannot allocate such resources for its school-based development. As our school development project is not subsidised by the government, the acquisition of funding beyond government subvention is necessary. Hence, we appeal to you for your generous contribution to this worthy cause. We are obliged to you for your kind donation.


All donations of $100 or above are tax deductible and an official receipt will be issued. For any special donations, please contact our principal, Dr. Chan Yee Man Anne, at 27784512.