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下載籌款信 (中文)


50th Anniversary Fund Raising Campaign

Our Wish List (Up to April 2016)

Aim: To work together with the alumni on setting the school’s history in place

Work: To build a school history museum

Target: HK$500,000

Aim: To refurbish the school library for a better reading environment to foster Reading to Learn

Work: Reconstruction of the school library

Target: HK$ 1,200,000

Aim: To set up an e-Learning centre to promote Self-directed Learning

Work: To build an e-Learning centre with 50 sets of mobile learning devices (hardware and software)

Target: $2,000,000

Aim: To set up a fund to help students participate in leadership training programmes, performing arts and sports activities

Target: HK$ 600,000

Aim: To set up a fund to organize excursions, study tours and learning activities for students’ Career and Life Planning Education

Target: HK$ 700,000

Target: HK$5 million

Donations are welcome

Please return the completed donation form together with a crossed cheque payable to “The IMC of CCC Ming Yin College” by post to The Principal, CCC Ming Yin College, 1 Wai Chi Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon.